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“Noir” was the theme of the Primal Stare Studios shootout session this June. I am excited to finally have a location to shoot studio sessions in. For all of you ladies out there that don’t feel your home is suitable for a session, and a hotel is a bit out of your range, we have an alternative! I recently found Primal Stare Studios.

Here are a few shots from my test shoot I did there!







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New Jersey Bride

Check out the Fall 2009 issue of New Jersey Bride!


A few months ago I was interviewed by New Jersey Bride magazine for an article on boudoir sessions. Brides-to-be are picking up on the fact that the perfect gift to surprise their future husbands with is an album with beautiful, sexy photos of their soon to be Mrs. The best part about the gift is that is becomes more of a gift to yourself! I can’t tell you how many women have confessed that their session changed the way they saw themselves. We are all our own worst critic, but I truly believe that there is beauty and sensuality in every body type. There is no greater feeling than knowing I have helped a woman feel more confident about herself and see herself for the beautiful, sexy woman she is. Here are a few testimonials I’ve received recently.

“Brandi!!!! am lost for words, over the moon with excitement over these beautiful pictures!!! was looking at them saying to myself, “Is that REALLY me?”!!! They are beyond my expectations! You are a photographic genius!” ~ A. W.

“I still cannot believe this is me! We look at my book all the time, I really think this has done more for me, and I thank you. I must say you have given me a new found confidence about myself and I never saw myself as my husband saw me, crazy as that sounds. Your professionalism and your ability to see a women for her true self is truly a gift. You are a master of your art.” Nikki

“OH MY GOODNESS! I’ve looked at them several times already, and I really can’t believe that it’s actually me in the pictures. They are awesome! I’m so impressed and flabbergasted!!!!!!!  ~ Caroline W.

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8 months and counting!

I can’t believe Kier is due August 31st. The time has flown by…  for me anyway. I’m sure Kier has another perspective! I have loved watching her belly grow and can’t wait till little P.J. (Pablo James) is running around us. Recently, Kier, Lauren (my other best friend out here), and I went to the Poconos for a girl’s trip. It was a “final getaway” (as she put it) for Kier before the baby comes, a step away from the computer for me, and an out of the office experience for Lauren! I hope it was as therapeutic for the other girls as it was for me. I am vowing to make a yearly girl’s trip after this one.

Kier and I had planned to do her maternity photos while we were there. It only made sense to take advantage of such a beautiful location. We were right on a lake with a magnificent sunset that was perfect for the shots!


She looks absolutely amazing! She wears pregnant well.



_BGP7832 (1)

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about the proud papa. I did a session with Kier and Rodolfo a few months prior to our girl’s trip. Look how adorable he is. How can they not have a cute baby?




jami - August 12, 2009 - 9:57 pm

love love LOVE these photos of kier! she looks beautiful.

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Flip Flop Exchange!

Today I was on a shoot, working hard, when my my thong broke! My flip flop thong… dirty minds.


No sweat, I like to work barefoot anyway. The weird thing is that it happened just in time. Well, sort of… I just sent my 6 letters out to friends to spread the word about the flip flop exchange that I participated in. I could potentially get 36 pairs of flip flops! Now I know, I know… it’s a chain letter. BUT IT INVOLVES FLIP FLOPS! I couldn’t resist. Who could turn down the chance of getting 36 pairs of flip flops, for the price of one pair. Not me!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any today, and I had to go buy a new pair before my second session. Aren’t they cute? Yeah, yeah, they are not too far in appearance from my last pair.


Hey, that’s what I am banking on the flip flop exchange for. I will keep everybody updated on all of the fun, and awesome flip flops I get. Stay tuned!

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Nikki - June 25, 2009 - 10:25 pm

Hey Girlie, Way too cute! I love them! You can count me in on the flip flop exchange if it comes around again!!! Ive done the dishtowels lottery tickets recipes, but FLIP FLOPS awesome! Are you sure you didnt come up with that one yourself? Im stuck on the Jcrew ones myself, gonna have to try the reefs you seem to like em! Hope we get some sun soon!!!!! Nikki :)

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