Can you believe this hottie is a mother of 2?


 Nikki contacted me, and told me she wanted to surprise her husband of 10 years for their anniversary, and I thought, ” How wonderful!”.  Being a newlywed I love hearing tried and true love stories. I find them so inspiring. Just the way she talked about her husband brought on goosebumps. Nikki mentioned during our phone consultations that she was a mother of 2, and described herself as a shy, self conscience (who isn’t) soccer mom.





I was amazed when I first met her. Nikki was fun, bubbly, beautiful, and in way better shape than myself. Her love story wasn’t the only thing that inspired me. I think I started doing sit-ups shortly after our meeting.





Truely, can you believe this hottie is a mother of 2 and ,shhhh, 40 years old? What, what what?  Enzo, you are one lucky man.




Congratulations on 10 wonderful years together!

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Nikki - June 25, 2009 - 7:47 pm

Hello Brandi!!! You are way too kind! Your Site looks amazing I still cannot believe this is me! We look at my book all the time, I really think this has done more for me, and I thank you. I must say you have given me a new found confidence about myself and I never saw myself as my husband saw me, crazy as that sounds. Your professionalism and your ability to see a women for her true self is truly a gift. You are a master of your art. These arent even the best photos!!!
From the minute I spoke to you after seeing your work, which was so very tasteful, to meeting you. I feel like we knew each other for 30 years! My first thought was you could tell a women took these photos, not one was trashy.
And my husband LOVED HIS GIFT! I put it under his pillow the morning of our 10 year anniversary, just as he put my engagement ring, the day we got engaged! You floored, we floored him! My photo shoot was one of the most amazing liberating days of my life and I felt as though I was hanging out with one of my girlfriends, except I was half naked and you were climbing all over the furniture!!haha I felt I would never doubt myself again. I felt like the beautiful women my husband brags about. A shame it took almost 40 years 2 kids and 10 years of marriage to feel good about myself! For that my friend I thank you, your the bomb.
The funny stories I now tell about all the cover ups to get this project done, and the funny thing is one of his best friends had said to me, if you dont do this for him I will smack you, he’s gonna love it, because he always tells his friends how lucky he is. Now he says,” I got the best Anniversary gift from my baby, too bad ya cant see it!”
I so truly appreciate all the hard work you put into my book, and Enzo looks forward to the day when he says,” Wanna see how hot your grammy was!!!!!”
My wish for you is to be blessed with as much happiness, and you and Jeremy share an amazing life together. I hope someone is able to capture you in such a special way for him, for your Anniversary in 10 years!
Look forward to having you photograph my children next….
Fondly, Nikki

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